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enenra is a place where we develop things for fun. Everything you see on here is open source and free to use, from our apps, to our applications!


We are

enenra is a company which creates open source code and applications for developers and end users to use! These applications vary from a debate downloader, to a recycling app to sort your recyclables. These programs can help change the world, and change our schools! The technologies by tetcon are made to change people's lives and for the better. This is why we can have YOU give US ideas on what you want made! Just fill out the form bellow!

Anything that enenra makes or produces, is, and will always be FREE and open source, with everything having a GNU AGPLv3 or a GNU GPLv3 license, everything is going to be free and most important, easy to change. With a strong copyleft license, anybody can help improve our products too! If you also have any ideas for projects, please fill out the form below!

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A few of enenra's projects


terapeut is the online therapist open to anyone. terapeut enables you to speak your feelings, without having to have someone on the other side. This enables more people to access therapy at a time without waiting for live asssistance. terapeut also allows people to do this anonymously. One of the other great advantages of terapeut is that for people who feel anxiety and dont feel safe confessing to a human, a robot will not judge you and will always be accepting!

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DVPC is a summer class that is hosted by enenra! This is a class where you we teach students about basic coding and other things that will help them throughout their lifes! This is a great experience if you love to program at ANY level whatsoever, and we will take you in and teach you more! If you are near San Ramon be sure to check it out!

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Have you ever been bored somewhere where you really wanted to play pencil games, but you didn't have paper, or it wasn't approriate? Well then Pyramid is the right app for you! It currently has 4 games witrh a free draw! This includes, Tic-Tac-Toe, Big-Tac-Toe, Dots & Boxes, and the ultimate game, Pyramid! This can (hopefully) be found on the app store for free!

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Extemp International Database

This is a resource where you can mass download and update articles for extemp. All you need to do is run the file and it will downlaod all the html files on many websites. This will take some time so be able to wait. you just have to run it again to update all the articles! This is good if you like to read the news of if you are in Extemp and need to mass download articles for a competition!

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Have you EVER been confused about what to put in recycling? compost? or most or all, trash? Well RecycleSmart solves this problem! with CoreML machine learning technology, it is able to differentiate your recyclables, compost, and trash! And best of all, it is completly free to use and is extremely accesible! All you have to do is search it up on the app store and download the app!(still pending approval)

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Do you work in a team? Have you had any managment problems, or something like that? You might like my node.js project! TeamViewer is a web app for people to be able to know where people are working, and where, in one app. It takes the inputs into a json file and is then able to display it! This can be used for other things, like for school, work, or even just family attendance!

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Neel Redkar, Founder

Hey, I'm Neel. I'm an eighth grader at WRMS and I love to program! I developed this entire website! Coding is my passion and I love to create things. I would be happy to make you a website and am currently accepting job requests! You can hire me here

Evan Nishi, Co-Founder

Hey, my name is Evan Nishi, and I'm a student at Las Lomas. I love programming with machine learning and always love a challenge. I also love helping the programming community, and help organize events!